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"When we try to pick out any thing by its self,
we find that it is bound by a thousand invisible cords…
to everything in the universe".
John Muir - Environmental Philosopher

MINSA was established in 1994 by a group of people who have made it their purpose to inform our society about natural alternatives to the current methodology of production and manufacture.

The first MINSA Center opened in Darling, Western Cape, January 2000.
It was established to identify and attract business people, entrepreneurs, manufacturers and retail people who specialize in the design, manufacture and distribution of innovative, high quality consumer goods using all-natural materials, in the range of textiles, home appliances or other domestic equipment applications.

MINSA's role as a facilitator in promoting South African manufactured products has created a new platform for SA entrepreneurs to offer their natural alternatives to simulated material used in apparel and household goods, worldwide.

: Mission

MINSA's mission is to address the issues of :

·increasing instances of industrial diseases
·spiraling poverty
·needless pollution

This is being done by suggesting business ventures that are built on natural alternatives, as opposed to the current approach - which seems to have no regard for the materials source nor the final consequences to humans and our environment.

MINSA is seeking to promote internationally, businesses that

·innovate novel manufacturing processes using natural products
·operate healthier working environments
·engage in an aesthetic design approach to product lines
·limit pollution by utilizing methods that create fewer or zero hazardous by-products

MINSA is also researching why some social-upliftment programs fail to deliver. The first and most glaring result has been that some schemes appear to be taking place, with out public transparency.
These projects are announced at their launch, with deserving fanfare. Then nothing! No progress reports, no editorials or news of their success or struggle.
They proceed in a social or economic vacuum or are poorly publicized, and when they finally are publicized broadly, it is to reveal mismanagement, malfeasance, misfeasance or fiscal corruption.

The current projects presented here address issues affecting South Africa and the African continent, and suggest a needed paradigm shift in production and manufacture processes, social-rehabilitation programs and environmental responsibility.


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